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Chequers Bed & Breakfast

October 19th, 2012

I am so glad London Surveyors & Valuers recommended Yellow Jersey because they have created a wonderful picture of our business.

Since the new website went ‘live’ there has been a huge increase in enquiries. Providing the dates are free, I can convert all enquiries into firm bookings as the website has people immediately interested in staying at Chequers.

We think that the reason for this is because they have made it so attractive, user friendly and informative. I would also like to thank them for making my contribution to the creation so easy. As they found out I have a terrible aversion to “I.T” but they were very patient, they didn’t make me feel stupid when I asked them the most basic questions, and they have also made replying to the many enquiries, and consequent bookings easy for me to manage too.

I am also absolutely delighted with the brochures, business cards and other Chequers stationary that they put together for me. They really show all that Chequers B&B has to offer.

Janice Clune