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Print design that stands out from the crowd

May 24th, 2013









The future is definitely moving towards web design as we are getting a lot more projects designing websites than brochures. But, if you are a firm believer in networking which we are at Yellow Jersey Design, you will need something printed to grab the attention of your prospective clients. We reckon on average you have a window of 5-10 minutes to grab that persons attention, and then after that stay in the fore front of their mind.

At Yellow Jersey Design we give you the tools so you can stay ahead of your competitors. We have designed a business card/leaflet for Philip Nash, an award winner Chelsea Landscape Designer. This unique piece of marketing says everything about him. It comes across innovative, organic, informative and clever, and is the size of a business card when folded, so the perfect size to give out at networking event. We have used uncoated paper, printed images that show the scope of his work, then finished it off with laser etching for the contact details. All finished off with a bespoke yucca plant illustration designed exclusively by us, that has been laser cut into the paper giving a very organic finish. Take a look how it works by clicking this Video Clip.

This all folds up into a business card, but the beauty of this piece of marketing is that the card can be torn off so it will fit in your card holder. Personally we feel this is to good to be left in your card holder though!

So if you are looking to stand out from the crowd in those busy networking mornings give us a ring on 020 7183 0364 or send us an email at, we are here to help you have the tools to get noticed and be the first to be contacted.

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